Family Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

The StewARTworks Foundation supports the family caregiver’s right to:

  • Maintain and promote their own health and wellbeing.
  • Expect all their loved one’s healthcare professionals to be knowledgeable about concerns and options related to the care recipient, caregiver and family; and to recognize the importance of the palliative care support system to improving the overall quality of life for the family.
  • Receive training in caregiving skills along with accurate understandable information about the condition and needs of their loved one.
  • Easily find resources and access support services that can help meet the challenges of the caregiving journey.
  • Be respected for, and receive appreciation and validation for accepting the challenge of providing care.
  • A sensitive, supportive response by employers in dealing with unexpected or severe case needs.
  • Receive financial compensation and tax credits for family caregiving.
  • Expect the nation’s legislators to acknowledge the valuable services performed and to enact policies that not only support those with the illness or disability but support their family caregivers as well.

This Caregiver’s Bill of Rights was adapted from (Robert Torres-Stanovik, LCSW), (Sherri Snelling) and, which are all adaptations of The Caregiver’s Bill of Rights by Jo Horne, author of Caregiving: Helping an Aged Loved One. Other versions can be found at: City of Hope and Working