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Stew’s ARTwork Information

Stew’s ARTwork Information

Giclee is a type of fine art digital printing process, combining pigment-based inks with high quality archival paper or canvas. Osio-Brown Editions is the foundation’s source for our scans and prints. Their high-resolution scans and museum quality printing captures the vivid colors and distinct brush strokes that define Stewart’s artwork from 2013–2016.

Through our Gallery Store, we offer a number of giclee prints selected from the body of work Stewart created during his illness. These reproductions are the same size and printed on the same supports (canvas or paper) as Stewart’s original paintings.

Special orders are available.

We are able to produce giclee prints from any of Stewart’s paintings in the gallery that have been scanned. The prints can also be enlarged, upon request, but only by a factor of two or three (depending upon the original painting’s dimensions) in order to replicate and maintain the quality and clarity of the original piece.

To discuss a specific print, please contact us at [email protected].


Harvesting Moon