family caregiver

Take a Deep Breath and Reduce Stress

Caregiving is stressful As caregivers, we know we cannot simply outlast stressful situations, no matter how strong or healthy we think we are. Even low levels of stress, those constant small irritants, can affect your health and your ability to provide quality care to your loved one. Studies show that 40-70% of family caregivers suffer…
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Self-Care: The Mechanics of Breathing

Breathing provides us with the most important thing we need to live: oxygen. But as we age, we fall into bad habits; we do not breathe in the most optimal or ideal way. And when stressed, it can feel as if we forget to breathe altogether. Exploring the mechanics of breathing will help us understand…
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Family Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

The StewARTworks Foundation supports the family caregiver’s right to: Maintain and promote their own health and wellbeing. Expect all their loved one’s healthcare professionals to be knowledgeable about concerns and options related to the care recipient, caregiver and family; and to recognize the importance of the palliative care support system to improving the overall quality…
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If you attended one of the foundation’s past events, you may remember there was a fair amount of talking taking place: about art, our story, caregivers and palliative care. But over the past year, with everything that has been going on, you are forgiven if you’re a little fuzzy on some of the language and…
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