stress reduction

Take a Deep Breath and Reduce Stress

Caregiving is stressful As caregivers, we know we cannot simply outlast stressful situations, no matter how strong or healthy we think we are. Even low levels of stress, those constant small irritants, can affect your health and your ability to provide quality care to your loved one. Studies show that 40-70% of family caregivers suffer…
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Self-Care: The Mechanics of Breathing

Breathing provides us with the most important thing we need to live: oxygen. But as we age, we fall into bad habits; we do not breathe in the most optimal or ideal way. And when stressed, it can feel as if we forget to breathe altogether. Exploring the mechanics of breathing will help us understand…
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Meditation for Caregivers

Meditation for the caregiver is a way of caring for the self, turning inward to access the highest good that resides in each of us and to tap into the love that permeates the universe. It touches the soul. Setting the Stage In just three to five minutes you can change the outlook on your…
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